The enterprise is composed of a team of highly qualified professionals that interact with prominent, specialized consultants in all of their projects.

LEDLIFE, SL is carries out activity and offers its services nationally and in all of Europe, with activity centralized in its headquarters in Madrid.

We are capable of signing off on architectural projects, engineering work, industrial projects, and technical direction for all types of work.

We offer free consulting in all areas of building construction, with no strings attached.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information in any of the areas in which we offer our services.

We can offer a customized budget and we will be pleased to facilitate a budget proposal in accordance with the work solicited by the client.

For remodeling projects, based on an understanding of the basic conditions of the building and the needs of the client, we aim to provide a functional structure with efficient circulation that adds value to the building.

We consult with companies and individuals in outlining, planning and executing construction jobs and other services solicited by the client.

We manage all of the technical and administrative phases, assisting with processing and other steps required by public administrations for obtaining the appropriate industrial and architectural permissions and licenses.

We have technical capability and experience in the development of prototypes, manuals, and guidelines for standardized design and it's application in programming the construction of projects and industrial infrastructures with normalized design.

Climate, environment, lighting, comfort, image, quality of space, and sensory impressions are some of the distinctive ingredients that are managed in a sensitively designed interior.

We clarify technical proposals for installations in Engineering Projects.

We develop all calculations and measurements of dimensions necessary to create a structure for residential, industrial or tertiary use.